Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I hate it! Well, that's not entirely true. I love many facets of planning: the day dreaming, the endless possibilities, the scenario-ing, etc. But, getting down to the brass tacks isn't my favorite.

But my least favorite thing about planning

...is buying a new planner. I love the hope of a new book and a new phase of life. But, it's impossible to find a planner that actually works! I can't find what I want. I even looked through the Franklin-Covey planners. All to no avail!

I finally settled on the closest thing I could find to a crossbreed of an appointment book and a daily planner. It should suffice, but it's not what I wanted. My other gripe is even sillier: the planner doesn't start until August 1st!!!! So I have to wait an entire month to use my new toy. Sniff, sniff!!

In other planning news:

I'll be graduating next April!!! :)

After my graduation, I'm planning a big trip- a move actually. Across the country:

Yes, I did have to choose a picture purposefully because it had a very strong phallic symbol in the forefront. I have, after all, been studying psychology for a LONG time! ;)

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