Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's been ages. If anyone has been wondering, I do, in fact, still exist. Major focal points of life: school. work. repeat. I finished my second semester of grad school with a 3.66 cumulative GPA. I am officially in my program. I was overjoyed! :) I haven't, however, registered for Fall classes yet. That's on my "really soon to do" to-do list. My mom and step-dad are getting a divorce. This completely sucks for so many reasons. I think it is for the best though. My brother's marriage looks to be pretty solidly over as well. I am doing my best to withhold judgment and opinions on this relationship. My own life? I don't have relationships. The closest thing to mention presently is a situation in which both of us like the other and enjoy spending time together, but each of our lives are so unsettled as to render a relationship unthinkable at the present time. Though I wouldn't have believed it possible, it seems there is at least one man who is more cautious than I am regarding relationships; because of this fact, there is no telling what the future holds/could hold. Work. I love my boss and consider her to be a good friend. I enjoy the other girls I work with. I have recently started a second, part-time job at Coldwater Creek. I really enjoy the time I spend there. The people are lovely and largely speaking, they are very kind. I have put in applications at several other places as well in an attempt to find a full-time job where I am able to have full-time hours because our payroll is very short at my full-time job these past few weeks. Thankfully, I have been offered a job at every retail place I have applied and met the manager. Sadly, no one has been able to offer full-time and benefits at the present time. My hopeful quest continues. :) I am looking forward to seeing my brother and step-mom when they come to DC to visit later this summer. I have missed seeing and talking to them, but I'm too cheap to buy phone cards! I hope to procure a car when I am up in DC visiting as well. Gardening news: (knocking on wood) I have successfully managed to not only keep alive, but to help my begonia and geranium to flourish! To conclude, here's an amusing tid-bit about gardening and my grandmother. My grandma brought me the begonia plant and dropped it off at work one day. When I said thank you she informed me that I wasn't allowed to thank her for the plant. I was, however, permitted to thank her for the pot! Hahaha! For those unfamiliar with the area, "pot" wouldn't bring to mind a terra cotta planter here. Here, people would think of marijuana!!!


  1. I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you're doing. Glad things seem to be going well for the most part, at least, in your own life.

  2. Happy to see an update. (Don't hold your breath that I'll ever update my blog)