Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting Started: Medical

Daily Horoscope: A previously untapped talent may emerge today, Platypus. You may decide to train this talent so as to create a new skill that can help you with just about any type of work you'd be doing. This is definitely the day to do this, as you should be full of energy and enthusiasm, capable of assuming any task, however formidable. Physically, you should be feeling strong and well. This is a day full of challenges and new enterprises. Go to it!

Re: my horoscope. It's totally wrong. I have next to no energy. I'm exhausted and I have no concentration. I guess it's right in one way: I am feeling better than I have in weeks.

About that, it seems I had an upper respiratory virus and/or infection. Then I probably had the flu (I don't know which one though.) And then, on Tuesday, November 10th, I learned that I have right middle lobe pneumonia. Here's the X-ray closest to what mine looked like based on my memory.

My lungs had a lot more of the veiny, wispy things showing, especially at the top, towards the throat. My bones were far more distinct too. The heart is the mass in the center, towards the right side (X-rays are mirror images). On my left side in the X-ray I had a small (probably 1/10th the size of the heart) white area. That white area was the pneumonia. The veiny/wispy things were inflamed.

Well, I'm taking so much medication! I'm on prednisone. 60mg yesterday and 55mg today. Tomorrow will be 50mg and Sunday will be 45mg. Prednisone messes with my mood and blood sugar I think. Or I could be PMSing. Or it could be a virus or viral infection. Or it could be symptoms of pneumonia. Or it could be that I'm coming down with swine flu.

Of the swine flu symptoms, I have: a fever, I'm lethargic, I have no appetite (even though I'm on prednisone which is supposed to make me really hungry), I'm coughing, I'm nauseous, I have felt like vomiting all day, I have a REALLY sore throat, and my nose has been runny. Hmm, maybe...

And I didn't even get to have any fun getting it!!

What else can I whine about? Oh, the ENT (ear, nose, and throat specialist) I saw today, said that I probably have acid reflux disease because I'm a little bit overweight. I don't even have symptoms of acid reflux disease. So I got 10 days worth of the medication for it and I'll try it. Maybe it'll help something. It doesn't much matter anyway, since I'm a walking medicine bottle. All you have to do is shake me and you could probably hear the pills rattle!

Just in case I do have swine flu or am coming down with it, I'm taking Tamiflu.

Unfortunately it costs $90 for a 10 day supply, which consists of 10 pills. $9 a pill. It better be a damn miracle worker!

Um that's enough medical crap for now! Not to even mention the cost of everything else, the fact that I've not worked in 3 weeks, and that I've missed that much class too.

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