Monday, December 21, 2009

December Thus Far in My Life

December’s a stressful month. But, I finally started feeling better somewhat! I still tire more easily than normal, but from what I’ve heard that’s to be expected since I’m recovering from pneumonia. Good times.

I have nothing of real interest to report, I’m sorry to say.

School: I did incomplete contracts with my teachers. I have 3-12 months to complete the work for my classes. That’ll be an adventure, but I’m so thankful that I have more time to complete the work! I wrote a paper and took a test though. I probably got an A on the paper and I did get a C on the test. I’m happy with that though I was really stressed for a couple of days. The two all-nighters (other than a 2 hour nap each day) were rough.

Work is going well. It's slowed to a near standstill right now other than preparing for next semester.

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