Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scholastic Sadism

AKA: school started back up!

I'm taking infant development, development over the lifespan, psychological testing, and American Heritage. I'm not very excited about any of it, particularly American Heritage. It's a GE (general education) class and it's primarily freshmen. Freshmen aren't inherently evil, but that's mainly because I don't believe anyone to be inherently evil... Oh well, come the end of April and I'll be done with all of this! :)

I tried out extensions.

I liked them, but the color of my hair and of the extensions didn't match as well as they could have, so I took them out after 4 days. It also hurt. I realized how high maintenance long hair can be. I hadn't realized since my hair has always cooperated so well. Hopefully those four days prove effective enough for me to want to grow my hair out again. We'll see...

Temple Worker

Being a temple worker has long been one of my ideal callings. Well, it's a wonderful opportunity, but it's not at all what I'd expected. Due to a lot of turn over and a new shift, extending the temple's hours of operation, no one seems to know my schedule or what hours I am supposed to work. It's okay, it's just annoying. But, I'll live. It'll improve I'm sure. The few people that I work with that I was able to get to know some small amount seem like great people. There was one unhappy woman, but I don't anticipate working with her again any time soon.

I'm working on rearranging my room and getting rid of things I don't need. We'll have to see how successful I am!

Have a great night!

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  1. Don't sweat American Heritage. All you need to do is pass the class to graduate. Even if it is with a D (like my grade was).