Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A few good quotes from President Hinckley

"I believe our problems, almost every one, arise out of the homes of the people. If there is to be reformation, if there s to be a change, if there is to be a return to old and sacred values, it must begin in the hole. It is here that truth is learned, that integrity is cultivated, that self-discipline is instilled, and that love is nurtured."

I really enjoyed that quote. It felt like validation for wanting to "just" be a mom. :)

"Great are our blessings. Tremendous is our responsibility. Let us get on our knees and plead with the Lord for direction. Then let us stand on our feet, square up our shoulders, and march forward without fear to enlarge among people everywhere the righteousness of the Lord."

Isn't it about...courage and faith being put into action together?

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