Sunday, January 24, 2010


BYU: Where your best hasn't been good enough since 1875.

This is a pretty stereotypically accurate picture of what BYU girls tend to look like. And this excuse is one I hear often, but don't (unfortunately) see put into action very often.

Okay, now onto an update. I'm really annoyed by double standards presently, but I think that's just part of life.

School's busy. I'm already behind but it'll be a good semester anyway I think.

I asked to be released as a temple worker. It'll give me more time. I also asked to be released from one of my other callings. I haven't done a session since October. I've done initiatories a few times since, but my temple attendance just dropped like crazy. That's gotta' change.

I think I'm going to need to date less. And to hang out less. I need to focus on other things.

I want to plan a bit better so I can do more spur of the moment things because then I won't have so much piling up last minute!!

Well, we'll see how this week treats me...


  1. LMAO at "Where your best hasn't been good enough since 1875"!!! I guess ya hafta laugh since it's so true...


  2. So THIS is where you've been, huh? When the initial wahoo of going to the Temple wares off, it can be hard to go regularly ... but keep it a priority! I'm sure you'll do great in whatever you put your mind to. Dan says 'hi' (at least last time I saw him he said 'hi').