Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Test

My friend, Kim, read somewhere,
"This is the test:
A. Good grades
B. Social life
C. Adequate sleep
Now, choose two."

I'd like the add to that, and to make it in an appropriate format for finals:

This is your test.

Now, you can only choose two of the items listed. Please fill in the corresponding bubble on your scantron fully. Select your answer correctly. This test contains only one question and is, therefore, pass or fail.

1. What's most important?
Good grades
Social life
Adequate sleep
Sufficient exercise and healthy diet
Good medical health
Stable, reliable job
Keeping in touch with your family
Reliably filling your callings (If LDS) or active in church (if not LDS)

A. Good grades and social life (after all Daddy's footing the bill!)
B. Stable job and good grades (I don't have a Sugar Daddy! Stupid, spoiled rich kids!)
C. Keeping in touch with family and good grades (I've got to plan for my future and Daddy + my scholarship pay for school)
D. Good grades and adequate sleep (Yay for scholarships and student loans!)
E. Good grades and sufficient exercise and healthy diet (If you haven't got your health, you've got nothing. Plus I have a Sugar Daddy and scholarships.)
F. Good grades and social life (I'm here to get married and to make a lot of money later! I have a Sugar Daddy and scholarships. One day, I'll get to BE the Sugar Daddy!)
G. Good medical health and stable, reliable job (I have to keep the insurance so that don't die of my "pre-existing condition.")
H. Good grades and reliably filling my callings (God and Daddy will provide the rest.)
I. None of the above! (I want a combination you silly professor who is obviously on crack [and not sharing]!)

So, what do you choose? You'll pass the academic exam with any of the following: A, B, C, D, E, F, or H but you'll fail the test of life. What's an undergrad to do?


  1. Wow, you really made me think. I knew you had a lot on your plate, but you put it in perspective for me.

    I'm going back to school this fall, so I'll be making my choices too. None of them seem palatable, but I guess I'll just do the best I can to juggle it all. At least I don't have an outside job; just parenting which is time-consuming and draining at times.

  2. Oh good luck Momma! It's rough to try and balance it all, but generally speaking, parents do better because they've been balancing everything for years and have a stable (at least more stable generally) lifestyle than "traditional" 20-something, no-nothing students. :)

  3. Considering the newborn that we've got at home right now, I'd choose, sleep, sleep and more sleep. Please!