Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finals Week Dilemmas

It's a busy time of year! Thankfully, I'm not moving this week too. All of my roommates are moving out and that's gotta' make it more of a beast. I'll be moving again this August.

I still have 4 finals and a research paper. I've got about nothing done on the paper yet and only about half of the study guides done. I don't know how I'm possibly going to get everything done. Cleaning checks will be on Saturday morning too. Do the infamous "They" plan it this way on purpose?

But, honestly, this stress is rather minor compared to the swings and acting up I've had health-wise. And the 3 dental appointments already completed, many cavities still needing filled, root canal completed, and three crowns needed. Medicine is so expensive. Just trying to live and be somewhat healthy is really expensive! I don't know how people manage it. What's the trick? How does one earn sufficient money while balancing the rest of life and not engaging in unethical business pursuits?

And, finally, how much does school matter compared to health concerns? How do others manage everything? I don't seem to be very good at it! And, I've just learned in the past few weeks that I've not been doing everything that I should health-wise. Wowsers is making up for lost time costly and intimidating! But, I'm trying to be responsible with my health and proactive. It's just that...well, I had been doing well with school and badly with health. Now I've switched that and I'm worried about school!

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