Sunday, April 18, 2010

Musing about whiners

So I've been thinking. There are a LOT of whiny BYU students during finals/the end of the semester (okay, always but anyway).

And then I was thinking of what all I'm trying to do simultaneously. I would kinda' like to pummel folks now.

I'm dealing with 3 chronic diseases, school for this semester AND for last semester, my family issues, supporting myself (and my ridiculously expensive attempts to remain alive), working, and I'm typically a decent friend.

You know what, who has anything to complain about?!

Even though I have so much on my plate, I'm able to do all of it generally and I feel blessed the vast majority of the time.

Why are people such whiners? I know that we all get trials and tribulations based on what will most help us grow individually because God's a stud like that, but I believe (not knowing everything about others) that I have a bit more than average that I'm dealing with. So, what are my peers complaining about?! Lord knows, my GPA manifests all that I try to do simultaneously! :) But, life goes on and I remain abundantly blessed.

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